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Linha Canabica is the largest Brazilian community for cannabis products in Brazil.

Get in on the Brazilian cannabis market.

This is a great opportunity to get in on the Linha Canabica as a partner and be part of the thriving Brazilian market for medicinal cannabis.

Otimize suas operações

Optimize your operations

Increase exposure, streamline buyer entry processing, and delve deeper into analyses with our integrated platform

Expanda sua rede de clientes

Grow with Customers

Retain new customers by taking advantage of our extensive reach and expertise in the Brazilian medicinal cannabis market.

Acesso a recursos e suporte especializado

Expert Support

Rely on our team of experts to provide support and guidance on your journey as a partner with Linha Canabica, ensuring you start quickly and efficiently.

Crescimento sustentável

Sustainable Growth

Join a network of partners committed to growth and innovation in the cannabis sector, collaborating for mutual success and customer satisfaction.


  • Order Management;
  • CRM;
  • Report Suite;
  • Inventory Tools;
  • API Integration
  • Multi-brand Carts;
  • Integrated Messaging;
  • Payments: We offer payment facilities for patients, including international or domestic bank transfers, advance payments, installment options, and split payments—all secured by LCB and PCI security certified;
  • Logistics (Europe, USA, Latam);
  • New Marketing Services: Advertising solutions in Brazil tailored for the cannabis industry;
  • National-level legalization for your cannabis-derived product;
  • Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Support Structure, with fast deliveries and 100% humanized customer service guaranteed;
  • Brand Exposure alongside LCB materials and events

Why Linha Canabica?

We are the largest brand in Brazil dedicated to sales acquisition focused on the theme of medicinal cannabis. Join our mission.

Make the LCB platform your own with integrations and prioritize the work that matters.

Torne a plataforma LCB sua com integrações e priorize o trabalho que importa.

Make smarter business decisions with Linha Canabica.

Track product trends and gauge your brand's ranking based on specific information from the Brazilian market.


Start selling online in Brazil.

Reach customers and boost sales with integrated marketing tools. Open up more revenue channels through Brazil's largest medicinal cannabis audience. Expand additional revenue streams to help grow your business. Capture existing followers and attract new customers through our online ordering platform.

Comece a vender online.

Make sales and manage orders

Once you receive our certificate, you'll begin servicing orders and receiving email notifications.

Find new customers

Many people search for products and symptom relief on LCB every day.


Growth your sales

Cannabis Line buyers spend an average of $75 to $205 per order. Moreover, our customers return approximately 2.5 times every 45 days.


Your Brand Exposure with Linha Canabica Medicinal Marijuana Dictionary

Have your brand associated with our materials, especially in our A to Z dictionary section. Explore how medicinal marijuana can aid in the treatment of various conditions. This comprehensive guide provides information on specific conditions and the latest research, along with patient stories. Example: Hemp Vegan & Sports.

Drive and Attract New Customers

Medicinal Cannabis Certification
Linha Canabica certifies thousands of new patients every month, delivering them to partners as high-value customers.

Cannabis Consultancy
Empower and educate consumers with the information they need to use cannabis confidently. Patients receive personalized advice to make informed decisions and track and enhance their experiences with the product.

Cannabis Marketplace
Direct customers straight to your digital and physical location with real-time, location-based messaging, generating immediate ROI. Available for all cannabis consumers.

Connecting cannabis businesses

As the One-Stop Shop for Cannabis, Linha Canabica is setting the standard for retailers, brands, and distributors in Brazil looking to streamline orders, simplify communications, and save time

We'll help you get started fast!

Count on our team to provide support and guidance in your journey as a partner with Cannabis Line. We'll ensure you start quickly and efficiently, making the most of opportunities in the Brazilian market.

Data Protection and Secure Authentication

We request personal documents, medical prescriptions, ANVISA authorization, and a selfie to ensure the verification and authenticity of all documents in the purchasing process, reducing your effort in collecting documents for submission.

Electronic Formalization of Documents

We offer a user-friendly experience for your patient, and you can manage the entire process from one place.
Proteção de Dados e Autenticação Segura
Seja notificado

Get notified

Stay informed about new collection and delivery orders by activating email alerts in your menu settings.

*You can also set up a printer to print LCB orders as they come in—this way, you'll never miss an order.

514pMfsxHzL._AC_SY450_PHOMEMO 4x6 Thermal Label Printer, High-Speed Desktop Label Printer


Click to Confirm

Open the order to confirm that you've received it. This automatically sends a confirmation via text message to the customer.

*If something was ordered and you can't fulfill it, use the chat feature to inform the customer about what's available and suggest a substitute

Clique para confirmar
Preparar o pedido

Send Order

After having everything packed in the box and ready to go, click 'Ready for Pickup'.

This will send a text message to the customer informing them that their order is ready.

Request Review

Once the customer has picked up their order, press 'Complete'.

*The customer will receive a request to review their experience with you.

Solicitar revisão

Measurable Results

A Linha Canabica helps brands increase their reach through targeted, personalized campaigns.

  • Anúncios de marca em destaque

    Featured Brand Advertisements

  • Position your brand at the top of search results on the Store Brands page.
  •  E-mails patrocinados

    Sponsored Emails

  • Send targeted emails to segmented purchase leads.
  • Pacotes de anúncios gráficos

    Ad Advertising

  • Promote your products with visual display ads throughout the Linha Canabica Marketplace.

Our numbers:

+ than 150 thousand users
+ than 10 users per minute
+ 1.1 million views on the website

400 minutes in online events
More than 400 minutes in online events. One of them being the biggest cannabis live in Brazil.
+114 seguidores
Mais de 114 seguidores orgânicos.
Mais de 14 mil impressões no Youtube
Mais de 14 mil impressões no Youtube. Mais de 100 conteúdos científicos e históricos.

Questions and Answers

What is RDC 660, and how does it impact companies in the Brazilian cannabis industry?

RDC 660 establishes rules for the registration of cannabis products in Brazil, while RDC 327 deals with good manufacturing practices for these products.

What are the main requirements of RDC 327 for companies looking to operate in the Brazilian cannabis market?

The main requirements of RDC 327 include good manufacturing practices, quality control, traceability, and product safety.

How can compliance with RDC 660 and RDC 327 regulations benefit my brand in the cannabis industry?

Compliance with regulations can strengthen your brand's reputation, increase consumer trust, and facilitate expansion in the Brazilian market.

What are the most common challenges faced by companies regarding Brazilian cannabis regulations?

Challenges include the complexity of regulations, rigorous documentation demands, and the need to adapt to regulatory changes.

Does RDC 327 allow the export of cannabis products from Brazil to other countries?

The export of cannabis products is subject to specific regulations, and compliance with international standards is essential.

What are the opportunities for innovation and product development within the scope of RDC 660 and RDC 327 regulations?

Regulations provide room for innovation in products, such as new formulations and administration methods, as long as they are compliant.

How can I ensure that my company remains in continuous compliance with evolving regulations?

Maintaining compliance requires constant monitoring of regulatory changes, team training, and investment in robust practices.

What are the key differences between RDC 660 and RDC 327?

RDC 660 focuses on product registration, while RDC 327 highlights guidelines for safe and high-quality production.

Does the Linha Canabica assist us in all of these?

Yes, the Cannabis Line plays a crucial role in supporting companies through the complexities of compliance with RDC 660 and RDC 327 regulations. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the Linha Canabica, businesses can receive guidance on the registration process, ensure adherence to good manufacturing practices, and stay informed about the latest regulatory updates. This collaborative approach facilitates a smoother journey for brands entering the Brazilian cannabis market, fostering a more seamless and successful partnership.

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